Really Horrible Enterprises – a love story

I’ve been making things for people for a long time. I’ve always loved doing this. It’s fun.

However, I’m always thinking about something new to make. That’s a problem because I rarely get to figure one thing out before getting a new and fascinating idea for something else. Scatterbrained + innovative = WTF?

Actually putting some effort into this site, to organize a thought all the way to completion has helped me focus my creativity and build on the quality that I hold so dear.

I figure that if I’m going to make something, it had better be the best damned something there is.

The list of projects on this site may change now and then based on what I feel like making at any given time, but I feel there will be a core of continuing products. These I will outline below:

Vanilla Extracts

I use the best ingredients I can find to make three fantastic vanilla extracts: plain, rum, and brandy. I may make some specialty blends from time to time. I use a combination of Tahitian and Madagascar whole vanilla pods that are sun dried and then I split them and soak them in alcohol for 4 months to get all that good vanilla flavour out. More than a few professional bakers and restaurants use my vanilla extracts in their products and desserts.

These products are gluten-free. Technically they’re organic as well, but not certified organic (so technically, I can’t say that they’re organic). The beans come from select plantations in Papua New Guinea and Madagascar where they simply can’t afford to use any chemical treatments.

Vanilla Beans

These are the same beans that I use in my vanilla extracts. Some bakers prefer to cook with the exquisite caviar found inside each vanilla bean. Split the bean with a knife and scrape the black, gooey goodness out with a spoon, then add it to any sweet dessert for added decadence. The bean pods can be added to a container of sugar to create vanilla sugar, which is a great way to add natural vanilla flavour to a great cup of coffee without using that nasty flavoured coffee. Ugh.

Whiskey Stones

I make these from slabs of soapstone. A gigantic tile cutter is used to re-dimension the slab into approximately 1″ squares. I then wet polish each surface and edge to finish them. Freeze them and put a couple in a small glass with a beverage of your choice and they will cool your drink without watering it down. They hold the cold for quite a while, too.

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  1. Cynthia Fauteux 2012/08/10 at 1:29 PM Permalink

    Hello Todd,
    It was a real pleasure for me and my husband Marcel to meet you and your lady Patricia ”La bibliothécaire” at the B&B at St-Antoine de Tilly. We enjoyed the talking with you both and it was very sweet of you to offer us a present. I will use this new rum flavor vanilla soon and will let you know my comments. I hope you had a nice trip back home and that Return-to-work day was not too bad. Next time we meet you we can talk about your job in Statistics and maybe you can let me know how many Canadian women took their early retirement on their 55th birthday in 2012 like I did. Bye for now! Hello to your Lady.

  2. Rizak 2012/08/14 at 11:42 PM Permalink

    Thank you so much. It was lovely meeting you as well. I enjoy this little hobby I have of making vanilla extract. It is really amazing how people react to it. I’m really thrilled that you enjoyed it. Thanks for writing.

  3. signe langford 2013/11/29 at 7:44 PM Permalink

    Hi Todd, I’m reading the letter you sent me about the tablets. Where is the white oak grown?

  4. signe langford 2013/11/29 at 7:45 PM Permalink

    Oh, and what is the font of your comments…love it!

  5. Terence 2013/12/12 at 7:49 PM Permalink


    I came across your site while looking at We seem very similar in that we come up with these ideas to make random things. The current “thing” is glasses from wine bottles and vanilla extract.

    I am in the beginning stages of selling vanilla at my local farmer’s markets and festivals. I have a few questions if you do not mind me picking your brain a bit. :)


  6. Brenda Lee 2013/12/27 at 7:46 PM Permalink

    a new use for your wonderful vanilla.

    1 tbsp sugar
    1 tbsp olive oil
    splash of rum flavoured vanilla

    equals a relaxing and wonderful smelling facial scrub!!!!


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